The artist Gernot was born 1969 in Rosenheim, Bavaria, and lives and works in Landshut near Munich. When he saw a television portrait of H.R. Giger, the Swiss fantastic artist and inventor of the “Alien”, the decision was made to fully dedicate himself to painting. Inspired by old movies, John Willies artwork and the 80’s Dark Wave scene lead him to experiment with fetish art. Dangerously … Continue reading Gernot

Matija Vid Peček

Matija is a freelance artist, published photographer, contemporary rope artist and performer. I like to visualize myself as a creative being; a self taught photographer and a rope artist. I enjoy doing concepts, portraiture, erotic art, product photography – all with a twist of the spiritual and the otherworldly. Matija Vid Peček To buy prints visit the artist’s shop, when joining via Patreon you can … Continue reading Matija Vid Peček

Flavio di Nardo

Flavio Di Nardo was born in Switzerland in 1979. He is a photographer who uses the goal of investigating emotional ideals that are somatised in feminine, attractive bodies, but above all strongly encouraged to reveal their fresh, controversial sensuality. Each of us has something to say, not just verbally.Our body says more than you do not seem,Our movements,Our gestures,Our looks express what we can not … Continue reading Flavio di Nardo