All artworks at this site are published with permission from the artist, or through third parties (like Fine Art America or Auction Sites)).
Artists who’s work is published through a third party and don’t want their art to be shown on my site can contact me, I will remove your page immediately.

Please respect all copyrights and do not (re)publish any artwork found here without prior permission the artist.
Sharing art (republishing) through provided tools is permitted. The line between publishing without permission and republishing using proper (and provided) tools is a thin line. When republishing is being doine by using tools that are provided on the same page as the art has been published then it is the right way. Artists should be aware of the fact that if they publish on a platform that allows visitors to share through these tools and they don’t feel happy about this they need to consider if that platform is the right one for them, some platforms (like Deviant Art) allow artists to choose if republishing is allowed or not.

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