Geknebelt is a German artist who started illustrating bdsm art nearly seven years ago, to indulge his  own fantasies of BDSM while mocking various fandoms/franchises like Naruto.  When he joined Deviant Art  he thought: I’d do some Naruto erotica, with characters like Temari and Sakura and such. And then I found that a lot of people actually really liked me drawing this, and even hardcore … Continue reading Geknebelt


Amoxes  is a self-taught Canadian-metis artist. His family roots and strong interest in every culture from around the world have inspired him in many ways, in artistic and personal evolution. After spending years of exploring, practicing and studying different styles and techniques, he is slowly creating his own signature in his art work. A word from the artist: I choose to paint a particular person … Continue reading Amoxes