About this site

Secrets Bdsm Art Gallery was started as part of a personal website in 2001. I wanted to share my thoughts in the proces of accepting my submissive and masochistic needs. This part of the website still exists, I did however choose to devide it into a gallery and seperate part for my writings, those interested can visit my personal writings here (this is in Dutch)

From the very first beginning of this site I have contacted many artists and photographers to ask for their permission. When I started I could have never imagined this site would grow and become a large platform with bdsm artworks and photographs from many different artists. I am very proud all those artists listed here granted me permission to share their art at this site.

Publishing the amazing and beautiful artworks from known and less known artists is my way of showing my respects to them. It is also a way of showing bdsm in a way it is not always seen. Most of the times bdsm is thought of as extreme and explicit while for me, and this also goes for the way I experience bdsm, it is a subtile way of experiencing feelings, emotions and needs that are connected to submission and domination. If you love what I am sharing here (for over 17 years now) for free you are more then welcome to support me.

Are you an artist and interested in sharing your (bdsm related) works here? Be sure to contact me.
Want to know more about me? Please read here.

Other platforms where you can find me are FlickrTwitter and FetLife.