About me

For those who are curious about me…I am female, 48 years old, living in the Netherlands with my husband and children.The love for bdsm art has lead to the start of various online projects. I like to help out artists by providing them a free and well-visited platform to showcase their art, I do so on Secrets Bdsm Art, Spanking Art and Bondage Art.
My goal for Secrets Bdsm Art is to share the beauty of bdsm, the strength of submission, the power of dominance, the fragileness of D’s interaction and showing my respect to artists by providing a free platform for them to share their art (always with their permission). I hope you enjoy my efforts here, should you wish to contact me please use the contactform.

Vintage bdsm art does also have my attention. I noticed many artworks are shared without knowledge on the artist, I took it upon myself to create a virtual museum where one can wander around and learn about all those amazing artists who inspired many modern day artists. Not only vintage art caught my attention, photography as well. Via Vintage Musing I share photos and info on these old masters of photography who had a good sense of the dynamics in bdsm (and photography), then there is a project that has grown very dear to me. The legacy of Jacques and Charles Biederer.

Photography has its own magic, I love to walk around with my camera and capture the world as I see it. My own photography can be found via Silken Sorrow on Tumblr..
Something I can enjoy as well is writing, mainly poetry and short personal texts. These are in Dutch and can be found via My Secrets.


Find me on:  FetLife