Aristophane is a French fetish artist born in 1969 who produces his kinky art for 10 years ago now. He shares his art in fetish oriented social media as fetlife or IG seriously since 2017. When his vanilla illustrations in book industry gave him a break he worked as much possible and developed Aristophane kinky side where high heels heavy rubber latex bdsm and other fetishes rule this part of his creativity. His main inspirations came from John Willie Eric Stanton, Michael Manning , Atomage world or more recently Gernot.
He has showed his rubber oriented art also in fetish events as Europerve party in Amsterdam in 2019 also in Demask headquarters boutique where framed originals are still displayed in this Rubberist paradise. He also produced lots of commissioned works for private costumers, privates made to measure never shown Illustrated pieces of art for discerning clients.
You can discover his new or old production in his Fetlife page and very soon in a brand new Instagram page.

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