The artist Gernot was born 1969 in Rosenheim, Bavaria, and lives and works in Landshut near Munich. When he saw a television portrait of H.R. Giger, the Swiss fantastic artist and inventor of the “Alien”, the decision was made to fully dedicate himself to painting.
Inspired by old movies, John Willies artwork and the 80’s Dark Wave scene lead him to experiment with fetish art. Dangerously looking mistresses, voluptous ponygirls, masked nuns and rubberized french maids followed soon.
Soon, fetish magazines like Jurgen Boedt’s SECRET and TWILIGHT printed his work. For Peter Czernich’s MARQUIS, Gernot illustrated the bizarre-erotic stories congenially and became a regular contibutor to the world’s leading fetish magazine.
Since 1998 he earns his living as a free artist, doing logo design, story illustrations, cover art as well as free work and private commissions.

Gernot paints and draws his bizarre characters mostly with a twinkle of the eye, often exaggerated cartoon-like, but always with great technical perfection and seriosity. Be sure to visit his website and discover a beautiful gallery with his fetish art. In his shop you can find various products with this artworks.

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