Stefan Prince

UK born artist Stefan Prince seeks the boldest and most striking of images in his pursuit of a personal vision of erotic art. Graduating from the Central School of Art, London, in the late 1970s, Stefan has secured over the past few years a deserved reputation among a small number of collectors and devotees for his continuing series of large oil paintings.

The Story of O Files #5: Art of Stefan from Stefan Prince on Vimeo.

Stefan has created a visual narrative richly coloured and full of theatrical motifs such as burning candles, keys, masks, and draught blown curtains. In darkened rooms and cloistered gardens he has caught his protagonists in freeze-frame: “Is there a visual equivalent to being out of breath?” asks collector Noel Myles, “I imagine mopping my perspiring brow, feeling slightly dizzy at events that are beyond my control. You are not allowed to take it easy or let your mind wander. In these cramped spaces there are no visual escape routes. Even the stars turn you back. – Something is about to happen and if you watch quietly and do not draw attention to yourself you will witness it.”

You can see more at the artist’s website, don’t forget to check out the paintings that are for sale.

Stories of O is a fully illustrated and up-to-date résumé of the erotic paintings and drawings of British artist Stefan Prince.
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