Mr Clever Art

Mr. Clever Art uses a random artistic & eclectic creativity of Pop Art fused with Juxtaposition, abstract lines, & dots to make up most of his Contemporary art.
His artwork is quickly & covertly being scooped up by art collectors, art investors & art galleries around the world. “Creativinn Magazine-Italy” Mr. Clever Art was a stand-out at SCOPE Miami (Art Basel) with hand-embellished spray paint cans.
The LA-based artist from New York has become known for his humorous take on luxury names like Chanel, Burberry, & Dom Pérignon. In his bright & colorful mixed media works, comic book characters are another regular feature. However, they often look like paid actors or models posing beside products, rather than valiant superheroes. A compilation of dots, spraypaint, & collage has become Mr. Clever Art’s signature style, playing on the eye-catching, graphic aesthetic of advertisements.
View more artworks for sale via his shop.

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