Shaun Davis

The abstract style from this artist really does fit the fetish vibe, to my personal opinion. Shaun is available for commissions. Be sure to visit his website as well, art for sale is offered via Etsy.

Word from the artist:

I have been drawing since a young age, starting with aircraft, cars etc. Over the years I’ve kept it up with a few brake in between. As an adult I have always had a liking of bdsm/fetish, particularly from a submissive point of view. The idea of a beautiful woman dressed in full dominatrix outfit, leather, pvc, having full power over a male is a big turn on for me. Whilst not involved in any scene, I decided a year or so ago that I would express this on paper, and allow others to own if possible, and so far I am enjoying creating and sharing my work. It’s good to know others share my view and want to own work by me, and long may it continue. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.