DaBotz is the chosen name of an obscure Italian guy that draws pretty extreme pictures of women in pain.

As far as he is concerned, said women are having a hell of a good time, but anyone can tell you that the man is an infamously unreliable narrator – just to make it clear, he is the guy writing this bio. In 3rd person, kind of. Because, well, just because.

He learned how to ink – more than to really draw; looking at him negotiating to draw a hand is still quite a pain – mostly on his own, and it shows.

His only actual training in the graphic arts was architectural drafting in high school, and that – too – resurfaces at times.

However – fortunately for his few fans, but probably not so much for womankind – he discovered what he likes sometime around middle primary school and, also, that getting his hands on pictures of it was virtually impossible in the Italy of the seventies.

Party because he was ten or so – the “perverseness” was strong in him – but mostly because a salacious country may it have been, but a pretty strictly heterosexual vanilla old-catholic one it was.

So, he started trying to draw what he liked by tracing old super-heroines from comics, to whom he added his usual “idiosyncrasies” , in order to have something to project on the walls of his room with his homemade magic lantern – modern pervs do not know how easy do they have it with Internet!

In many ways, he never really grew beyond that phase…

Currently, he lives in Spain, which may explain the tortured way in which he speaks English.

However, remember – he is an unreliable narrator.

Any thing in the lines above could be a lie,


Websites and galleries, in decreasing levels of completeness and increasing levels of censorship:
Hentai Foundry (Not complete but uncensored)
Deviant Art (more complete, censored)
Pixiv (more complete, censored)
Blog (Mostly writings)

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