I am a art lover from Germany in his late forties with a special admiration for strong dominant women, shiny latex & rubber attire. Creating brilliantly glossy art of beautiful women is a true passion of mine. Engwemaba is the pseudonym I am using for a couple of years now while creating my kinky art. The name derives from the best friend of my grandfather. He came from Namibia and was called Engwemabala.
A mysterious, brave and very creative man. I later adopted that name for fantasy role playing games. And that name stuck as my nickname.

In my vanilla life I work as a freelance photographer & digital designer, but my real passion is my kinky art. It always comprises of some kind of drawing with pen, pencil, chalk or acrylics and a digital component. After scanning the original artwork I use some special digital techniques to achieve the special shiny look I am going for. Dream of latex while discovering my art. It is almost like feeling & smelling this beautiful shiny material wrapped around a majestic body. My art can be seen on twitter right now and a patreon account is in the making.


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