Marco Maria D’Ottavi

Marco Maria D’Ottavi is an Italian Fashion photographer, watching his grandfather using enormous daylight lamps he got fascinated, by light and by photographing. In just three years, after attending courses, alongside the masters of cinema, theater and television, winning a master’s degree in the United States on the lighting in photography and theater, he came to draw the lights for the greatest interpreters of it. He has co-written a book, “illumination technique in photography“. The female nude, fashion and glamour came a little later. He knows the masters of photography in that area, worked with them. Nowadays his targetis to fashion:

I think it is the only type of photography which allows you to search more and better than photography fine art that still continues to be my love.

Marco Maria D’Ottavi

Please make sure to visit his website and discover many more great photos from this photographer. You can also find him on Facebook and  Instagram.

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