Jeffrey M. Fletcher

Over the past four decades, Jeffrey M Fletcher has explored the intersections of sexuality and esthetics. Fletcher began photographing combinations of personal and intimate events combined with public art and scenes from nature. His early work established the themes and processes that he still uses today – sexuality, presentations of self, erotic desire, exhibitionism and voyeurism, all portrayed using multiple exposures on 35mm slide film. A flood at his studio in Napa, California introduced him to the processes that film can undergo as it decays and he has used these as part of his vocabulary since that time.
During the late 1990s through early 2000s Fletcher stopped his production of images. A period of sustained study of erotic content in the arts resulted in a Doctorate in Sexology.
He returned to photography in 2008 and has continued producing images through to the present day. Although the work often looks like digital collages relatively little digital processing is used. Instead the rolls of film he uses are run through the camera multiple times and a few brief notes about the themes, model(s) and content are kept in the film canisters and then matched with new content.
As a discipline with the camera Fletcher always frames and takes whatever shot is of the most explicit erotic interest, whether the subject is a model, flower, animal, church, painting or any other subject. A combination of a view of intense personal desire and intellectual remove results. The images contain those personal esthetic choices that define and communicate individual’s sexuality along with cultural and historical references to definitions of sexuality and presentations of the body.

You can view more of his art at his website and at Tumblr.

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