Maria Marcu – PopArt

Maria Marcu was born in 1977 in Romania. She lives there together with her husband (who is a writer). Maria graduated from the University of Biology (ecology specialty) in 1999 but worked in radio and advertising until 2007. 10 years ago she started painting erotic and is soon reaching her 1000th  artwork. She creates watercolors, acrylic on canvas, mixed media, collages, and drawings. So far she has sold about 450 paintings on eBay, which currently is the only place where you can purchase her art (directly from the artist).
Please visit her website.

As an independent artist, I consider freedom of expression to be the most important one in the artistic evolution of a painter. That’s why I chose to devote myself as an erotic artist – to break down ideological barriers and false prejudices that still dominate the majority of modern society.

Maria Marcu

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